26 November 2012

Summer nuts ...
the asylum grounds
full of them

bright moon-light
my drunken face glows
in the dark

29 March 2010

black against black
bats flying
in the night

28 March 2010

annoying buzzing !
small minded people
like mosquitos

26 March 2010

white cross by the road
did we once joke about life?
flowers withering

24 March 2010

grey oceans float by
misty rain in the wind-
is the washing dry?

23 March 2010

summer heat:
circadas sing me to sleep
beneath the tree

22 March 2010

curlew calls -
the night silence

21 March 2010

autumn night
wind chimes dancing
a cat warms my feet

09 October 2007

having so much
needing so little
I watch clouds drift by
manna from Heaven
a few more years
to watch my children grow
clear mountain water
liquid ice on my feet
numbing the day's journey

22 August 2007

a drop of colour
opens in a sea of green...
a lone crocus blooms.

03 May 2007

poised in the shadows
a deadly assassin lurks...
my cat stalks its prey

23 November 2006

red sands and sunsets
trees on the far horizon;
an ancient land sleeps

20 November 2006

a friend who is lost,
will he find the hidden path
to where he needs to be?
gentle breezes move
in a complicated dance
throwing back my hair.

15 October 2006

the Universe spins
on the point of a pin,
we search vainly for meaning
old men
idly chatting,
life passes by

09 October 2006

white snowflakes falling
in Winter's crisp night air...
the sound of silence

first haiku of "Sakura"
Tanuki's 11 year old daughter

05 October 2006

each day passes
like the one before it ...
and the one to come
mocking my thirst ... an empty cup
mocking my love ... an empty heart
pussywillow sways
to the gentle whisper
of a summer breeze

21 September 2006

softly the tears fall
into an open grave,
another pet rests
the blue sky holds no rain ... again

14 September 2006

winter storm ...
young branches
learn to fly
cut flowers
beauty passes
ducks serenely move
among the lotus flowers ...
ships on a tranquil sea

06 September 2006

a curious mouse
follows the scent of cheese

29 August 2006

cats wail in the night
fighting or fornicating ...
sounds the same to me
lying quietly
soft breathing in the darkness ..
sleeping innocence
deepening grey skies
send cranes to seek shelter
on the far horizon